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Logging and Surface NMR in the High Plains Aquifer, Nebrask

The Place

The High Plains aquifer is located beneath eight states in the central United States and is used for agricultural and domestic water needs. At the field site in Lexington, Nebraska, the High Plains Aquifer consists of the upper Alluvial aquifer and the lower Ogallala aquifer.

Our Approach

Logging NMR data, along with a suite of advanced geophysical logs were acquired in a borehole drilled to a depth of 128 m. A description of the driller's cuttings, an aquifer test and wellbore flow (WBF) logging data were used to study the link between the NMR data and hydraulic conductivity. Surface NMR data were acquired in the area immediately surrounding the borehole, allowing us to compare the relaxation times measured with the surface and logging NMR methods.

Project Publications and Presentations


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging to Estimate Permeability in the High Plains Aquifer, Conference Proceedings from Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems, SAGEEP (2011)
Field Experiment Provides Ground Truth for Surface NMR Measurement, Eos Trans. AGU (2010)